1. What are the smallest and largest sizes available?

  • Smallest: Width 7” Length 7”
  • Largest: Width 44 7/8” Length 26 7/8”

2. How thick are ToolLodge organizers?

  • About 7/8” thick. They work best in drawers with 2-4” of clearance.

3. Can tool chest and cabinet manufactures’ specifications be used for determining the
ToolLodge size(s)?

  • We highly recommend physically measuring the drawer. Most manufactures’ drawer size specifications do not account for internal hardware in the drawer, such as rivets, tabs or screws. And some specifications are not internal drawer measurements. Measure twice, order once.

4. Do you make ToolLodge sets for specific cabinet makes and models?

  • No.  Although we sell a limited number of ToolLodge packs through MSCDirect, we don’t keep many sizes on file for the many makes, models and drawer sizes available.

5. Do you make custom shapes?

  • We usually make rectangles, but we’re happy to evaluate your request and advise.

6. Does ToolLodge accept phone or e-mail orders?

  • Yes. Call 562-508-7588 or email us.

7. Where is ToolLodge manufactured?

  • ToolLodge is made in Palm Desert, California.
  • All of our direct materials are also made in the USA.

8. Can units be used side-by-side?

  • Yes, in the cases that the drawer is larger than the maximum size we manufacture, split the measurement in half (or wherever the seam is preferred).

9. Do you ship outside of the USA and Canada?

  • Yes. For international orders, please provide a carrier account number (DHL, FedEx, or UPS). Small orders can be shipped via USPS with postage added to the invoice. Contact us for a quote.

10. How can I request a quote?

11. Are tool impressions permanent?

  • Yes, they are.

12. What’s ToolLodge made of?

  • Our product materials include a phenolic material, a proprietary fabric covering, and a vinyl backing, all of which are assembled with additional materials and processed. ToolLodge is silicon free.

13. Is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) available?

  • Yes. Do note that an SDS is not required by law for ToolLodge organizers. When used as recommended or under any ordinary conditions, our product should not present a health and safety hazard. However, use or processing of this product not in accordance with the product’s recommendations or not under ordinary conditions may affect the performance of the product and may present potential health and safety hazards.
    View the ToolLodge SDS

14. Are ToolLodge organizers suitable for clean room use?

  • ToolLodge is not recommended for clean room use as the fabric covering can give off fibers.

15. Can ToolLodge be used in ESD sensitive areas?

  • When used as intended, ToolLodge does not present ESD risk. When the tool organizers are used in metal toolboxes and cabinets, any low voltages generated and quick decay times will prevent the organizers from being an electrostatic risk. If used at other conditions, further evaluation is recommended by the user to verify acceptability. We are happy to provide samples for your company’s evaluation.

16. Can my company purchase ToolLodge?

  • Yes. ToolLodge sells to businesses and will work with you or your preferred company
    supplier. Contact us.